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  • Help needed, please!


    I have just brought some suede cord ends with extension chain and am not sure how they work. They do have teeth (grip) on one side however they are solid so i'm not sure if you just close them using pliers as they don't seem to want to budge and it doesn't seem as if they would hold the cord that securely.

    Link is below if I have not explained the product very well.

    Has anyone used these before? Thanks for any help

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    hi karen

    sorry i'm really not sure, hard to judge even when looking at the link, if you bought them from jules gems drop her an email and ask ...all good bead shops know their stock best and can advise on how best to use them.
    sorry I couldn't be of more help
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      Yeah, I would say squeeze them shut over the cord. The more solid they are and harder to squeeze, I would expect the stronger they are.

      Why don't you email Jules Gems and ask them?


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        Hi, thanks for your help.

        I was just being impatient as julesgems takes a min of 2 days to respond and I really wanted to make something.

        I just went for it in the end and squashed the hell out of it - it worked and they are really strong and hold the ribbon really well.

        They look really nice, very happy!


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          I couldn't zoom in on the pic but they do look like ribbon clamps and I think you've probably done the right thing anyway by the sounds of it !


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            The ones you've bought can be used on ribbon or suede cord.

            You just close them with pliers until it grips.

            Only squash enough to grip the cord to prevent it slipping out.
            With this type if you squash too hard the teeth will cut through the suede thong

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              Thanks for letting Karen know how these work Debbie.

              Karen, if you ever have any questions though, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website. We only state that we ' endeavour to answer your questions within 24 hours' just in case its something we can't solve for you straight away.

              Our team ploughs through the requests first thing in the morning and as queries come up throughout the day. So, in reality it rarely takes more than a few hours during office time. Plus, if it's something Jules or myself would normally answer. you probably find we might even respond in the evening.

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