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1 day jewellery courses?

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  • 1 day jewellery courses?


    I am usually just a card maker but have wanted to have a go at jewellery making for ages. Do places just do the one day basic courses for jewellery making? I have two young children so would only really be able to do a one day course but cant seem to find any nearish to where I live (norfolk)

    Have noticed some jewellery making books so is it possible to go ahead and make jewellery without a course from someone showing you?


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    Hi Hannah. It depends on what kind of jewellery you want to make. If you just wanna do some simple beaded stuff then there's lots of info on the web. Just google "how to make .....". There are loads of good books and magazines around - I personally like Barbara Case as all her books are written with beginners in mind and are very informative.

    If you're wanting to get into silver work then you'd probably need to attend a course (its not my forte but I have thought about it).

    Good luck with whatever you do.

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      Hi Hannah, I think there are a few one day courses around but not sure for your area - try googling or looking for info in one of the UK beading magazines. My you tube link (under my sig) will take you to lots of 'how to make jewellery' demonstrations which should also help get you started


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        I found a jewellery making afternoon on gumtree. Though most of it was stuff i taught myself at home. Maybe give it a go yourself. I used the internet as inspiration.
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          I run one day Creative Jewellery Making Courses where the participants, to a large extent, dictate what is being taught. I am running a few over the next few months if you are interested. If not just send me an email and I will try my best to point you in the right direction and recommend web site etc.
          My speciality is wire working using recycled copper wire but I also cover metal working, cold connecting, bead weaving, stringing, fimo beads to name but a few.

          kind regards


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            Hi there,

            I don't have any info about courses, but I just wanted to say... why don't you try the way I did it? I taught myself, got a few books out of the library and read them, learnt lots from this forum just by reading and from millions of websites on the subject where you can find instructions and advice.
            If that does not work, then try for a course.
            I have only just strarted but am very happy with my results and mums at school have noticed some of my new jewellery, gonna even have a stall in the Christmas fair run in the school
            Have fun,
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              Sorry, delayed response here but I believe there are silver courses at the City College in Norwich, or if you were just after a one day taster then there is a place near Diss (south Norfolk) that does one day course for about £70 (artclayworld).

              Anyway, I myself make a lot of beaded jewelery with the eventual intention of setting up a business and selling via my website (this however is something that has been on the back burner for some time... *sigh* ), the point is however that I pretty much taught myself with the help of the odd book and web sources so you may want to try getting yourself a small jewellery kit from ebay and just giving it a go! Trial and error!!
              Good luck!


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                Hi Hannah. I taught myself through using books and online tutorials.
                However, I'm starting a silversmith course in September, but this will be the first course since starting to make jewellery. I did attend a Claire Aristides workshop last year which was great, but I didn't really learn anything that I didn't pick up in a book before.
                Pay your local library a visit and see what you can find



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                  bead shops do courses

                  hi there, we have 2 bead shops fairly close, Guildford & Brookwood, Surrey & they both do various courses. try looking in your local paper or yellow pages, might help. As others have mentioned though tons of help on places like Utube & similar.
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                    Hey I've always found that youtube helps. If you read up on an idea/concept.. sometimes it's hard to visualise what they mean but try typing it in to youtube and there is likely to be several demonstrations on it. Hope this helps x


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                      Thanks all for the replies

                      Well have still not managed to look into it at all - there needs to be more hours in the day lol.

                      Am going to have a browse through so books when I have a chance and try and teach myself...fingers crossed!

                      x Hannah


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                        The magazines such as Bead magazine and all the others all have a section at the back on basics such as making loops, the stitches etc and have simple projects to get you started on making jewellery - not just beading.

                        Jean Power's website has some free technique downloads which are also useful go to the patterns/techniques section of

                        You can also see Bead TV type demonstrations on,uk
                        if you subscribe. I'm not sure but they may have some non subscriber demos as well.
                        I would post the links but apparently you're not allowed to on this forum until you've sent over 25 posts???!!