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Setting a cut stone

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  • Setting a cut stone

    Can I set a cut stone with normal bezel? Or should I use bearer wire? I dont want to use a claw setting.

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    I just found this which might help.
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      thanks for the great link. i set most of my stones in a bezel cos i like the them to look sturdy.


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        I like mine to look sturdy too. But I want to make the setting myself I dont want to use a pre made cast one. I was just wondering if using a normal bezel wire would hold the stone properly or should i use bearer wire?


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          Bearer wire raises the stone up but if it's a faceted stone and the back of it is at quite an angle then I'm not sure this will give you any help in that respect.

          What I'd do would be to either form a small silver ring to solder the bezel to, or pierce a ring from sheet and solder the bezel to that, and then rest the stone on the hole, with the bezel supporting the sides of the stone.

          I'm no expert on this - I've only ever set three stones! - but I hope this is some help.



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            i form my settings from 0.8-1mm strip and then cut a seat for the stone using a setting burr. its pritty complex to relate by text though!

            i had to look up bearer wire, its not a term i had come across, although come to think of it, i dont know what else i'd call it. as far a i can tell the bearer wire takes the place of the carving out of the step with a burr.

            form and solder you're bezel to fit around the stone and the form and solder the bearer wire (i'd use round wire though insted) to fit inside the bezel. solder this in place, say, 2mm from the top of the bezel and you're ready to go. you might also want to file a knife edge in the top of the beze so it sits flush to the the stone.



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              Thanks guys,

              Dont suppose you got any answers to my other post about etching silver?