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  • Jewellers In London

    Hey peeps,

    Who on here lives in London? And what good gallery/shops/ wholesalers do you visit and use?

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    Hiya I am in London too,

    I shop online though *blush* and I have only ever sold on ebay.

    I am a newbie at this and it is mainly a hobby at the moment.

    Thought I'd say hi though
    "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

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      Thanks for replying! Seems like jewellers in london are few and far between! Or they dont use this website!


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        Hi, I lived in London for many many years and always loved visiting the bead shop in Covent Garden even though I wasn't into making jewellery at that time. It is still there I understand.


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          Hi Clarey11 and Janetdc x x

          I have heard of the shop in covent garden I may will go take a peek this week end, bit budgeted out mind lol

          I used to go to a lovely bead shop at camden lock, many years ago!!,
          probably gone now It was on the mezzanine bit and I haven't been up there recently. I should take a butchers there too.

          My Aunty used to make and sell Jewellery there too ( I shall ask her what experiences she has of craft shops in London)

          Funny because of all the online shops it hasn't really occured to me to go look!!
          or is it that I am aware the family could think of nothing worse than traipsing around bead / craft shops with me
          "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

          Buffys Charms Website