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  • Young Teens & childrens jewellery

    Does anyone have experience on making young teens and childrens jewellery. If so, what items and colours sell well? what price margin would be appropriate? And what bracelet length would be suitable?

    Any help would be much appreciated ... x

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    I have a very small range of kids jewellery.

    Anything cute and colourful seems to work for me, as do flower, star and heart shapes. Animal shapes also seem to go down well with the littler ones. I make bracelets about inches and 15-16 inches for necklaces. Most of my kids jewellery is priced for pocket money, so nothing over £5, so most of the time I make very little on it, but I usually find that parents will by something for themselves while the little one is spending pocket money, so it all works out in the end.

    I also offer to make any 'adult' piece suitable for a child on request and vice versa.

    Hope this helps
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      hi i own my own buisness if you or anyone would like to sell their stuff uin the wirral


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        Teen and Childrens Jewellery

        I sell childrens jewellery, name bracelets and necklaces are popular, I make them in different sizes as it is hard to pin it down to one size. If you can make them adjustable it is probably a good idea. I find that generally children like pretty and colourful items with sparkle and teens at the moment like pearls and charm necklaces with kitsch plastic. There are some teens that like gothic styles too. I have sold a few pentagram items to teens recently.
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          Thanks both for your reply


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            I've had a good run on pretty coloured friendship phone charms seem to be a good thing at the moment too!