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can a dremel be used to cut Cabochons?

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  • can a dremel be used to cut Cabochons?

    is it possible to cut cabs with a dremel?

    for example, if you decided to put a pattern into a cabochon can it be done with this tool? I have some various burrs but wasnt sure if it would work on this.


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    as long as your using diamond burrs and you take it steady. use lots of water to keep the stone cool. the drill will be ok with it though, i recon. hold the stone with setting wax on a stick.


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      thanks, I will try it on something low grade to see what happens. I have some setters wax that is microwaveable. Thanks I saw some diamond cutting wheels recently for dremels but didnt purchase one. They were about £4.00 each and wasn't sure if it was worth it?


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        Done it . its hard work. A cheap way of cutting is buy an electric wet tile saw from most DIY stores, cost £20 to £30 cut a rough shape then use the side of the blade to grind down the cab. not very health and safety but quite quick. Machine Mart sell clark blades at a reasonable cost, it must be the solid blade.
        I spend about 8 hours a week cutting stone and have used 2 of these saws in 3 years, not bad value