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  • ordering from rio grand

    has anyone had anything delivered from Rio Grand to the uk. the website talks about an import tax. i've heard this is pritty hefty, does anyone have any experiance with this?

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    Hi chris
    I have an account with rio grande but i have never as yet used it as i didnt understand how to order my wires from them. I now use Preston Reuther. His website is much easier to navigate and has clear instructions about what you are getting for your money. I find that the postage fee in the USA can be almost as much as what I have ordered and then at this side in the Uk the Post Office will bill for handling and import duty before delivery, if its over a certain amount, other wise the post man collects the import duty on delivery.
    I can t give exact amounts as it varies with how much you buy. I have paid as little as £7 but up to £39 in import duty. Rio Grande certainly have an impressive stock of findings but like I said i didnt understand the ordering process hence i dont use them
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      thanks, that helps alot.

      i'd be ordering heavy tools like ultrasonic tanks, there about 1/4 of the price but i quess it whould work out expencive in the end.

      thank you,



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        I looked at Rio Grande too and had the same problems understanding how to order from the UK! While the US seems to have a greater selection of many tools, and often at cheaper prices, the thought of trying to deal with import taxes just put me completely off the idea.

        Sorry I can't be more help but hope you can find a cheaper source in the UK.



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          I had a little go at jewellery making in a past life. I ordered some stuff from Rio Grande as it was really reasonable price. It was delivered by UPS and I had to pay almost the same amount as the order in tax. Probably not really cost effective.

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            It is easy to order !

            I order from them once a month. You can do it on the web, then you see if they are out of stock of the goods you need, you can send them fax, you can call, you can send them e-mail.
            You can pay with card, or wire the money. Frankly the most pro. company in our business. Acurate invoices and good discounts for ammounts.
            The USD is so cheap now that it is crazy not to profit.
            To transport the goods they offer many options : UPS - fast and expensive, USPS - post, very cheap - about 6 euro per kg. but it takes 2-3 weeks to get.
            Taxes: VAT on import, and very little custums dues ( tools 1-5 %)

            That's my experience with them.
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              I order from Rio about twice a year and I always esimate the 'to my doorstep' cost as 1 1/2 times the shown catalogue price. This includes customs and postage.

              There is no UK company that I have ever found which offers the same variety. The prices are, on the whole, much less than in the UK so even with the extras, it is still competitive.

              They have a great selection of 'stuff' and to a commited tool-a-holic, this is temptation I cannot resist. For me, this makes it definitely worthwhile placing an order occasionally.

              I would not order bullion or findings as it works out to be a lot more expensive.

              Hope this helps, Ruth.- UK Jeweller.


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                We buy a lot of stuff from all over the world but tend to only order small quantities from USA because of the import duty.

                You're allowed to import goods up to the value of £18 (approx $36) without paying any taxes.