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  • What size fits all?


    I wanted to do a quick poll.

    What size do you generally make your necklaces?

    Mine seem to range from 16"-18" but not sure what size fits all. When selling at a market or online it's nice to know your jewellery suits all.


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    I make a variety as I don't think one size really encompasses everyones taste.
    I have some really large clients who's "short" necklaces hang down to my boobs!
    My choker size fits their wrists!
    I add flexibility to every necklace by adding an extender chain.
    I also find that clients want jewellery to go with specific items of clothing and theirfore need the legnths to be customised.
    I find that this flexibility is a great selling point.

    However that is not helping answer your question: if I had to make one legnth only it would be an 18".
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      I make them usually 16 inches.....but i always ask my customer to try my sample necklaces on to see if they want it shorter or longer.

      Its usually my bracelets that give me problems....i usually make them 7inches but inevitably i have to shorten them.....memo to myself....remember to check wrist sizes.....arrrghhhh i better go off and phone that customer that was here yesterday.....i was so wrapped up in the style of it that i forgot to measure her wrist!
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        Hi Carol,
        My starting point for jewellery design is the gemstones and they seem to suit different lengths. If I had to make one length only it would be 18 inches but I would make it 16.5 inches with two inches extender chain to cover as many customers as possible. For bolder necklaces it would be 22 to 24 inches. If you made a few smaller 15-16 inches you would cover all. With bracelets it is harder as some like them loose on the wrist, I tend to go with the design again but I find in my area there are more customers with smallish wrists than larger.
        I often alter designs for my shop customers so if you are willing to do that you could make them larger rather than smaller so you can reduce them if necessary.
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          Thanks for your replies. I agree it's difficult to decide on a precise size but I am small and 16" is always the size for me. However, I had a jewellery party recently and a bride to be tried on one of the necklaces and it didn't even close on it made me really think about the size to emcompass all. I think you're right Chris...16.5 would be good with an extention chain particularly for pieces on my website and for markets etc. I do make to order and always measure first.

          Cheers all


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            I suppose it depends on the look your going for.
            I made some 20"+ necklaces, tried them on then realised they would look better if they were alot shorter.
            I dont go any shorter than 16".
            My mum swears the reason why my stuff isnt selling is because at 16" they are too short for people.I have yet to point out that the only necklaces Ive sold have been 16" long.


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              I go for 45 cm (in the metric system)

              Depends who it is for and the style of the necklace too.

              I have recently been making tiny jewellery for a very skinny girl, her neck is 28cm!


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                18" is supposed to be the norm, but we tend to go with what the design shouts at us, it seems to add that magic quality that sells unique items. Then we can always make another to the size they want


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                  18" is the most popular length, with 16" next

                  but generally people are getting bigger, so sometimes you need 20" and longer

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                    For shorter necklaces I normally go for about 16.5inches with extension chains to give the wearer a bit of flexibility.


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                      It's a hard one isn't is? But I agree that people are getting bigger and the extension may be the way to go.

                      Thanks all for your replies.

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                        I always tend to go for 16" chains as that is what I wear myself, but for customers I tend to ask what they prefer. It's amazing how different peoples neck sizes can be. My friend can't even get 16" chains on!