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  • Motivation Block

    I am having an inspirational and motivational block. For the past few weeks everytime I sit down at my work bench and look at my tools and materials- I just hate everything I try to do. Or my mind has gone completely blank.

    How does everyone else get through times like these? And where to you go to get inspiration?

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    I get that way sometimes.

    The cure for me seems to a very long walk through the woods with my dogs - they are both daft as a brush and really relax me. I make sure I am as far away from my workroom as possible and try not to think about it at all. I'm not saying it always works but most of the time it does.
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      I always get like that, but I'm pleased to say they do pass eventually. I don't force it when I get like that, I do something else instead and find it usually comes back naturally.

      Hang in there... thats the downside to being a creative person I'm afraid!
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        Try something new

        I find I tend to run out of ideas on a project and then it annoys me so I give something else a go for half an hour for example whilst working on my jewelery last I found everything to be coming out the same and no new ideas so I put that down made a cup of tea and then tried to make a card topper using some of my beads.. which then got me going again..

        hope it helps


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          Use the internet

          Look at all the websites of the high street stores for inspiration. A lot of the jewellery on there is twice the price of what I charge and easy peasy to make.

          Look through flickr and other such places too.

          I am not saying you should rip off other people's designs just gain inspiration from some of these sources.

          If you are near a good newsagents, you could see if there are any beady mags you are interested in, sit down with one of them and a cuppa.



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            I have just unearthed some beaded chokers and matching bracelets in my rummage/clearout ....I have been inspired!


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              I toddle off to the craft shop and buy something to *test*...which usually involves sticking it in a kiln. Crafts shop are big toy shops for me so usually get me back to work again sharpish!
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                When I feel less inspired I set myself a challenge, something that takes a lot of concentration. When I get absorbed in a task it seems to unblock me and get the flow going.
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                  I've got a heap of books (and some magazines that I hang onto for the photos in them) and that never fails to find me something new to do - normally I get too much inspiration and then can't decide what to actually make!
                  But I think if you are blocked, you need to find something new to focus on to find the inspiration in that, then translate it to your work. So I guess the trick is to find where you normally get your inspiration from! Hope that makes sense! And hope the block ends soon.




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                    I'm right where you are now. I'm finding it hard to get inspiration and with the summer coming and no markets to attend I getting dispondant.

                    I'll follow this thread with interest. However, I do plan to take the weekend off and hopefully come back to my desk with a clear head on Monday!

                    Hope it passing soon for you and if I get any gret ideas I'll let you know.


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                      my inspiration comes when i am really busy and by the time i get some spare time to try out my ideas they usually dont work to well or i am so tired that i seem to have lost that creative streak.....but occasionally i have some nice successes
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                        I get like that all the time!
                        Sometimes I find I just need to give myself some space away from making stuff as I don't give myself enough relaxation time. A walk somewhere can help, or even just sitting outside in the garden.

                        I tend to flick back through my notebooks for old ideas, or bead mags/books for styles I might have overlooked that may take my interest now.

                        Hope that helps and you find your inspiration again soon.


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                          I think everyone gets like that at some point its only natural. I find it difficult switching from doing all the business side of things and then trying to get all creative!!

                          It gets worse when you look around and see really lovely original jewellery and wish you had thought of that!

                          I'm not sure what style of jewellery you do but i find i get inspiration from just looking for new beads, charms or pendants, you can start getting ideas if you see something really pretty or unusual. I also like looking in the high street as that can sometimes trigger an idea.

                          You could go to the library and find books on vintage jewellery or retro styles etc which i keep meaning to do!

                          Donna x


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                            Have just received my order of new tools- Yay! I will go and play now...