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one inch headpins needed

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  • one inch headpins needed

    I need to buy a lot of headpins. They have to be Sterling and 1" length. Am finding it very difficult to source these, 1.5" or 2" is easy to find but no 1". The people I have used before don't have any in stock. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find some online? Preferably in UK as I need them by next week. Thankyoui

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    I use Jules gems They are very quick!


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      There are some on my website



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        I stock a full range of sizes in Sterling Silver head pins from

        1/2 " , 1" , 1.5" , 2" and 3" lengths and in different thicknesses too.

        They're listed on the site under 'Sterling silver findings'

        On-line bead supplier and bead lover


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          I'm after some eyepins in silver plate - 1" long, though longer ones can be cut shorter can't they?....but need them to be about 0.7mm in diameter....any helpers?



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            We use masses of head and eye pins, with the plated ones we now only buy 2" and cut them down, when you buy 10000 at a time the only problem is trying to cost a piece they are so cheap, and the net is the best place to get a deal (usualy you can get a sample first to check the quality)
            Silver is a pain at the moment cos the price is riseing daily, and the price differance 1" and 2" is a lot.
            Gold we now only make to order, and cost each job on the day we reserve the findings
            Beware of some of the far east sellers, we have had silver plate that has not survived the journey to the UK
            Most of the small quantities on E-BAY are people who have bought the 10000 lots and are selling the surplus on, there is a good profit in that if you have the time. Wish I had


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              I posted an question here a while back, i found some 1" headpins that had smaller heads than the 2" headpins. These were very useful when making rings with tiny swarkies, I can't seem to get the ones with smaller heads anymore.

              Any idea where to get these, and for the sellers who have advertised above, do your 1" headpins have smaller heads than your 2" headpins?


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                Pebbles I always thought the small headed pins were just badly made. If we need a small head we roll the pin head between 2 pieces of steel with a little pressure the head soon compresses to what you want. It can help to stick the sharp end into a bottle cork to steady it. (this means you have to empty the bottle first of course)