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    I own a watch business that offers customers custom engraving. I currently have a laser which engraves the stainless steel backs however i am looking to add wooden watches to my range and thus need a machine that can engrave wood but engrave detail.

    The requirements I have are:
    • Be very easy to use - I am not an expert and don't want to be spending lots of time doing set up etc. Once i have set it to 1 size it will probably never change again.
    • Be able to upload the art work as either a JPEG or PNG as i create the art work in other software
    • Relatively cheap. As i say i am only ever going to engrave short messages on the back of watches so it doesn't need to be the best machine, just do the job
    • The finish can either be an engraved finish or it can leave the burn type finish but it just needs t be able to handle high detail as some requests can be quite small.

    Does anyone have any recommendations as i am really struggling to find anything