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Tiara packaging ideas?

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  • Tiara packaging ideas?

    Does anyone have any other ideas for packaging up a tiara??

    I currently only sell face to face so I wrapin acid free tissue and pop it into a gift bag however i'm starting to once again get motivated about starting to sell online.

    I have some side opening acetate boxes that a supplier sent me with a recent order of bands. They are ok but to be honest I feel they lack the specialness associated with such an item and i'm worried about movement of the piece.

    Does anyone have any better ideas?? Box would need to be able to with stand royal mail/couriers and ideally be white with a logo imprinted.

    I use nobel for gift bags and smaller boxes for earings etc in a white leatherette a style called firenze.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Hi at Tiarastore we pack our tiaras in white ridged cardboard boxes with our logo on, we get them from Potters. We put tissue on bottom, wrap tiara in tissue and put more on top to stop movement, with very delicate pieces we also wrap bubble wrap over the top of tissue (not pretty, but better to get there in one piece).
    We do use the clear plastic boxes for cheaper tiaras, with those we add lote of tissue and have some logo stickers to put on outside.
    Hope this helps.


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      Thank you bead fairy.