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  • A feedback on design if possible...

    Hello, I make rings from recycled materials: wood, steel, bone... anything that can be put on a lathe, really

    Does anyone have an idea on how I can improve my design and how to drive more traffic on my website, please?

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    Hi, if the rings are all recycled material then I guess that is your selling point.
    As for design, I don’t wear jewellery personally so not my strongpoint but as a thought, could you maybe cut a design into them for example? How about adding some coloured resin like they do with river tables etc?....although that might go against the “All recycled“ selling point.

    As far as website traffic is concerned, you have to go out and get them because you are in a huge online shopping centre with everyone else so to get noticed and stay noticed, you have to build up a bigger presence by constantly posting new products or posts every other day practically to keep people engaged. Then you pop up in their feed more, then they visit more.
    If someone comments, always comment back, not just “like” people remember comments, they don’t remember likes.
    If you aren’t already, get yourself on FB and Instagram, link accounts, get your site Url in the Bio so people see it straight away, put something like “available from my site, link in the bio” in the text under photos so people can visit your site to see more. Hashtag the hell out of your products and craft so people who look for that kind of thing find you in like type groups. You have to do this continuously to keep people interested just like a “Bricks n’ mortar“ has to keep changing stock, window displays etc to entice passers by in, otherwise they end up just another shop that isn’t memorable.