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Kiln capable of melting silver

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  • Kiln capable of melting silver


    I'm very new to all this sort of thing, but a short while ago I decided to try my hand at making small silver items out of scrap silver ive accumulated over the years metal detecting. Mostly using faceless victorian coins, etc.

    I bought a cheap kiln/furnace for just over £100, but managed to burn out the element twice even though I kept meltings/pouring, to around about an hour. 1 time was my fault I guess as the graphite pot sprung a leak, and the contents emptied inside the furnace.

    I have seen some kilns were the element looks a lot more thick, and robust, but the temperature will not be enough to melt silver

    Are there any recommendations for under £500, that will melt silver, and have a robust element that won't fail, rather than a thin piece of wire.

    Many thanks

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    I am wondering if you should be looking for home smelting or micro foundry rather than a kiln, a kiln is designed for firing clay which is a much lower temperature than smelting silver even small amounts.

    I am no expert, but I don't think a kiln is what you need.

    Hope this helps,



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      Thanks shelly, its just that I already bought a cheap furnace, and have had it the graphite pot fail and the molten silver flooded the insides. hoped for a kiln so that this wouldn't be an issue


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        I think the key here is that you bought a cheap one. Spend more and you should get something fit for purpose. You get what you pay for

        Try second hand if new is too expensive, you tend to get more for your money, I would try some of the popular online sites but to be honest I would avoid ebay. Gumtree and Shpock always do well for me.



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          I'm on the market for a small melting furnace but I was wondering if I could use a kiln such as to do the job. That way I could also use it as a kiln when necessary. todaygoldrateinhyderabad

          Is there a significant advantage to using a proper top loading melting furnace?
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            How's about using a propane torch and a heat-resistant crucible to hold the molten silver?