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Yet another starting up query

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  • Yet another starting up query

    Hi everyone
    I am new to the forum and was hoping I could get some advice from all you experienced people out there.
    I am looking at setting up a website to sell pieces of silver jewellery and want to keep things all organised and legal. I have made a to do list which I think covers everything I need to consider and was wondering if you would have a look and tell me if there is anything obvious I have missed:
    Choose business opening date
    Set up bank account and transfer start up investment
    Assessment of property for business rates
    Organise printing of advertising stationery, business cards and logo stamp
    Set up web hosting account
    Design web site
    Arrange insurance
    Register with Data protection Registrar to enable storing of customer’s data (I am not sure if I need to do this)
    Register as self employed
    Distribute advertising
    Online “Grand opening”
    Sorry this is an rather long post, I would be grateful for any advice- I've been thinking about this for 3 years and want to get going!

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    So what kind of jewellery do you make?


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      Hello Halfpint,
      There are bound to be lots of things you need to do that you will discover as you set about starting your business, have you researched your market?
      Before you start spending money check that your products are saleable and to whom, this will help you target your customers and know how to design your site and how to advertise it. Most importantly set your budget, decide what you want to spend on each area in advance. If you are thinking of taking on premises make sure you pick the right location and check out all the additional expenses such as insurance and building repairs.
      Good luck with your new venture.
      Chris W.
      Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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        If you're working from home, which I assume you are...making jewellery and intending to sell via a webiste...if so, you don't need to have your property assessed for business rates. The Inland revenue allow you offset against your tax liability the 'Heat,Light,Power' costs of one room in your home.

        And as long as you're not changing the use of your home, eg converting it into a shop, or inviting the public in, then you'll not need planning permission or business rates.

        Also not necessary to register with Data Protection, however you will need to state a 'disclaimer' on your site about use of people's data. Most template web-sites will have this included somewhere.

        On-line bead supplier and bead lover


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          Hi there, just thought it worth a mention that 'Business Link' is great at helping set up a new business and finding out all sorts of things ( & their website has a whole section on starting up which can help tons in the early days!). You can contact them to request a face-2-face meeting too. Here is a link to their website :

          Hope that helps