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Question about tiara making

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  • Question about tiara making

    When you are making a tiara, do you make all the "branches" or "sprigs" first then start winding them round the tiara base and arrange them as you go?

    If you are using beads with a hole straight through the middle, how do you attach the bead to the top of the sprig without the wire ending up wrapped round the other side of the bead which obviously wouldn't look very neat? IS there crimping involved? I just can't work out how you have the bead on the wire neatly!

    Thanks for guidance - just trying to learn about different techniques!

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    Different tiara styles demand different manufacturing. Depending upon the design, i sometimes make the sprigs seperaatly and at other times I make the whole tiara from one continuous legnth of wire (about 20m)

    it's handy to work out your style on paper first so that you can see where you are going with the design and work out height ballance etc.
    To start with it's far easier to work out from the centre, but as you develop skills, you can work continuously from one sidde to another.

    using through holed beads, it's a matter of putting the crystal on the centre of the wire and then folding the wire into a y shape. use flat nose pliers to position the wire evenly on both sides.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.