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Jewellery paties - help, please!

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  • Jewellery paties - help, please!

    Hi, I would like to start offering jewellery parties and would be really grateful of some hints and tips anyone might have.

    One main thing I wasn't sure of was how long I should be at a party for and how much of the party should I organise.

    I thought 2 hours would be ok, and to provide invites/cards for the party organiser and that I would pretty much turn up with my goodies but should I be doing more than this?

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    Hi Karen, I've done a few parties now, got one tonight. I have been working like mad the last couple of weeks to get ready as she booked it at another pwrty I did 2 weeks ago, so I had orders from that to do and replace stock that was sold at the last one. Anyway, I digessed a little there, sorry.
    To answer your question, what I do is give the hostess printed invites to give out, text her the night before to confirm everything's still on,arrive at least an hour before to set up, wait till they all arrive then I do a little talk to let them know what I do and how to look after tigertail for instance, I give the hostess a piece of jewellery as a gift for holding the party, then I sit down and let them have a look. Usually I am then very busy writing down what they have bought and taking orders, I do a raffle a strip of 5 for a pound and give 3 prizes of jewellery, the last raffle took £19 for £8 worth of jewellery! I also give the hostess 10% of sales to spend on the night. Most hostesses are happy to provide a few snacks and nibbles it is a good girlie night I always enjoy them, a lot of work, but I think it's worth it in the end.
    Oooops sorry to have gone on a bit. Hope I've helped a bit though, go for it, you will enjoy it.


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      I am reluctant to be like a virgin vie seller. I have been to parties before and they feel like a non stop sales pitch. To me the word party sums up fun!!
      I spread my items around various places in the room rather than setting out one huge display.
      I introduce myself and walk around the room stopping by each display and pointing out the items and styles and the fact that "they can be made ion the following colours etc" I limit myself to five minutes floor space and then the ladies can go around and look and try in their own time and space. I have a gem quiz that i take and the winner gets a £5.00 voucher. I also have a huge bowl of beads set up and people can make their own memory wire bracelet.
      I have found that this approach works really well for me. The women talk each other into buying!!
      Once you have done the first two minutes you'll relax.
      Just don't forget the obvious things to take eg. mirror.
      Also, if people say ..."can you do ......" think carefully before answering!!
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        I have a few friends that do jewellery parties and one tip I could pass on is to get your timing right. Just after the end of the month when everyone has been paid would be better than just before. This time of year when the sun comes out is a good time and after bonfire night people start to get into gear for Christmas. Bad timing would also be when there is something unmissable on TV.
        Chris W.
        Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts