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    I need some general advice, I want to make some pendants using resin. First, what kind of resin do I use? epoxy resin, casting resin?

    Also, what's the general equipment needed to make resin pendants and stuff?

    Any help is most welcome! (:

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    Hiya TTM

    Haven't actually got round to making jewellery but have made casts with bits and bobs set in them (pigs hearts if you must know for Foundation Course Final Show - hehehe). Anyway, the stuff I used was polyester resin bought from a mega helpful company called Polyfibre. This is the clearest and hardest type which they recommend for jewellery. You buy the resin and a smaller bottle of catalyst, measure the two liquids and mix them together then pour the mixture into your moulds.
    My moulds were made from luvverly rubbery stuff called Vinamould (red), which you heat in the microwave til it melts then pour over the things you want to make a mould of. I'm pretty sure you can also use the flexible ice cube trays, although I've not tried them yet.
    They were really helpful with any questions I had and they know their stuff inside out so give them a call.
    Let us know how you get on.

    :0)[email protected]/


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      Thanks for that, ethel&edna - the hearts sound ...interesting, too! haha. (:


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        hehe If I can find some pix later I'll Flickr them.[email protected]/


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          I have used resin once to make jewellery- I used clear casting resin and added special dyes into it. I got all my supplies from Tiranti sculpture shop in london. You can just google them and they should come up. Make sure you use plastic gloves and surgical mask when using it and also be in a well ventilated area the fumes are very nasty. You will also need a catalyst to make the resin harden-the more catalyst you use the wuicker it hardens and also make sure to buy some acetone which can be found in most nail polish removers in case you get the resin anywhere. Once the resin is dry it can sometimes be a bit tacky to the touch but this comes off if you just rub a cloth over it with a bit of acetone.

          Good luck!


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            Resin Jewellery


            There are a couple of books I know which give hints and tips:
            Resin Jewellery by Kathie Murphy
            The Art of Resin Jewellery by Sherri Haab

            There is also a course at West Dean College located in West Sussex, that you might want to attend, they are a great place to go for other crafty short courses as well. I studied there full time as a Conservator a few years ago and the short courses were always good.

            From a ceramic conservators experience - using adhesives on a regular basis with many experiments on the stuff, a caution about using resin: make sure it is mixed in the quantities as recommended on the bottle or over time the resin WILL disintegrate quicker, including discolouration.

            All the best and good luck

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