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Feeling demotivated - need some words of advice!

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  • Feeling demotivated - need some words of advice!

    Hi everyone,
    Haven't been on here for a while as I've been busy making tiaras - made the first one for my own wedding and am now seriously addicted!

    I've been making jewellery for a while and want to branch out into bridal jewellery and headresses, and hopefully make a small business out of it in the future, as I do feel I have a talent for it. However, today I'm feeling really demotivated - there seems to be so much handmade jewellery on offer now - all gorgeous stuff, but seems like the market is bursting at the seams! Plus I'm worried that I might accidently copy someone else's work (I mean it must happen quite often with some of the more generic styles out there...).

    does anyone else feel like this, or am I just have a bit of a down day (sometimes I do have a lack of confidence in myself & my work!)??

    Sarah x

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    I think your feelings are natural. its hard to be an independant crafter out there. There is so much stuff about. I think the trick is to do what you do and do it well, ind a unique angle of your own, something you havnt seen before, thats what will set you apart from the rest.

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      We stopped making wedding jewellery last year, just too time consuming for the profit.
      Atip for selling it is to make a sample range, take it to a wedding shop and see if you can get them to display and take orders for you. Be ready to have to visit peoples houses to discuss their needs, and dont set your prices too low, wedding shops are expensive so people expect to pay a lot!


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        Don't Worry

        Hi Sarah,
        There are plenty of jewellery buyers out there, you just need to find them or help them find you. If you make up your own designs nobody can accuse you of copying, I would just make your tiaras as you want them to look, I expect most of your bridal orders would be customised anyway. Don't take any notice of what anyone else does, the point is to enjoy being creative and earn your living at the same time.
        Chris W.
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          i think everyones craft is influenced by what they see so theres bound to be similarities but you will be adding your own personel touches to everything you make so it will never be an exact copy of someone elses work it will be unique to your style and just enjoy what you make dont compare it with other peoples
          Jan xx


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            Thanks for the comments
            Feeling a lot better today and much more motivated!

            Am really inspired by the people on here, you all seem so 'together' and really seem to know what you're doing!! Will keep going with what I'm doing - hopefully one day I can give someone some words of advice too



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              I think anyone who works for themselves feels like this, because you don't have other people around to 'bounce' off.

              There's always going to be up days and down days so, so just take them in your stride, it's normal.

              There's always a lot of eveything for sale, no matter what crafts avenue you choose. But being a 'spe******t' is always best, then you're not competing with the mass market.

              Keep on going

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                Keep your chin up!

                I think everyone has down days and lack confidence in their work, I'm sure even the best designers in the world have moments of doubt and sleepless nights, well, I like to think they do!!

                "Hey Dolce - do you think Joe Public will like this bag?" "Oh, I'm not sure Gabbana - maybe we should change the colour, no, what about just adding a different fastener, hmm, no I don't like that, the shape doesn't really work does it? oh I don't know - lets just leave it as it is - we'll sell millions!"

                Isn't that how it goes?!





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                  Your feelings are perfectly natural.

                  I currently do the exact thing you are hoping to do. I visit wedding fairs have some display tiaras and chokers in a bridal store along with my business cards and have cards in a beauticians that offers make up lessons and trials for a little more clients.

                  I have found that we actually have a head start on the mass producers because brides in general want everything to be perfect and to a certain extent unique to them for thier special day. We have the ability to provide that because no handmade tiara is the same.

                  Brides will pay the price to get exactly what they want.

                  Go grab yourself a coffee and stop being hard on yourself. You know you have the talent so just roll with it.


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                    Glad other people feel the same sometimes.
                    Fabricandbags - love your comments about D&G - made me giggle!!

                    the other thing I find hard is that I work full time in a non creative job. It pays the bills (and for my wedding!) which is great, but its so frustrating having only a couple of hours in the evening and at weekends to make stuff. I nearly made a break for it a couple of years ago, but after a few months and mounting bills, I had to go back full time.

                    I guess a lot of people started that way though and hopefully one day I can move to part time and spend the rest of the time doing what I love!

                    And yeah, will stop being so hard on myself!!