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  • Bridal Jewellery

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the most desirable bridal jewellery?
    Chris W.
    Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts

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    crystals and pearls! always has been always will be. I use lots of quartz chips as well for texture.
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      I agree. My bridal section is my most popular and Swarovski Crystals and pearls are the best.

      Good luck with it.



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        What are the items that sell best with the crystals and pearls?
        Necklaces, Pendants, Tiaras, Earrings, Cuff links?

        I am thinking of creating a range from dichroic glass, do the tiaras sell well or elaborate necklaces or simple pendants.

        I look forward to hearing your advice as its an area completely new to me.



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          Bridal Jewelry

          I liked your idea about using the dicoric glass. Looking forward to see some samples.


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            I think that tiaras are the most sought after item. I tend to find that the majority of my orders come from a bride, initially buying her tiara, and them perhaps going on to buy her jewellery, and then accessories for her bridesmaids (tiaras, necklace, bracelet, earrings). I have also then gone on to make items for the groom, MOB, MOG, and then reception accessories. but it all stems from the tiara.

            I also own a bridal shop, and dresses are the same as jewellery. Almost every bride walks in wanting "something different", about 98% of them actually end up buying the same thing as every other bride.

            I have actually just opened an account on Etsy to be able to sell the designs I love, as they are simply not "commercial" enough within the bridal market.

            K xx
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              I agree - pearls and Swarovski crystal have worked well for me.

              I think whatever you make, make a whole range because like Starstruck said, it all follows on from the first sale.

              I make tiaras as well, but I try to do some other hair accessories like hair vines and them hair grip sticks that you stick into the up do (what are they called??!?) just to cover those that may not want a tiara.

              Great tip from Startstruck too about the bridesmaid's accessories too - maybe make the same range but in lilacs, pinks, blues to match the bridesmaid dresses.

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                Thanks for your replies. I have done a bit of wedding jewellery but not the traditional style. I did a pagan tiara with birthstones and one that was like a fairy glade with amber which was a bit of a one off. I also did one for a beach wedding with shells. I haven't really attracted much wedding trade because my shop is a new age shop. So thanks for your helpful suggestions, I am really
                looking forward to making something pretty and girly with pearls and crystals.
                Chris W.
                Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts