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  • why oh why?!

    bit of a moan really
    why cant i find everything i need on a single website.
    i managed to find large jump rings on one or 2 websites but i need some other things too and they are on 2 or 3 different sites :evil: so i will end up having to pay at least 3 lots of postage on items that are only light , the cheapest rate is £1.50 which is the same price as the item i want to order grrrrrrrrrrrr
    ok rant over

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    I totally understand.
    I made a big chart last year with comparison prices on them, then you have to think about P+P costs which can swing it another way!!
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      Totally with you both on this. How much time we must spend comparing prices!

      Everything is much cheaper in from the USA - but as I have mentioned before I have concerns about importing which puts me off of buying.
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        As a retailer of beads, there are so many different kinds of beads and findings available that it would be impossible for many bead sellers to stock the lot, it would be my dream to be able to supply everthing.
        As far as the postage goes, I try to keep mine at a minimum because of this. I even have a note on my site offering to discount postage wherever possible. Its difficult to set up the postage on a website to suite every sale, always ask for a deal if you can. You may also find that buying off someone who specializes, they should be able to offer the beads at a discounted price , which in my case would more than compensate the extra postage you would be paying.
        Failing that, a visit to a bead fair would save you some extra cost.....but then you would pay far more than the postage to even get through the door! so I guess its swings and roundabouts!
        Ebay sellers (me included) are always fighting to give the best postage deal, many are post free
        I hope this lightens the load for you!
        best wishes
        Alison x
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