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  • Advice needed :)

    Hello everyone!!

    I really need your help with something!!....

    I did a bit of stained glass at uni and I really miss it, now I'm back at home I really want to do it again but is this possible?? My main thing I'm not sure about is:
    when I soldered the lead together...will I need anything special for this? can I just do it with a normal soldering iron thing?

    Also, when I cemented the glass in I do not have a clue what that stuff was and I also don't have a clue where to get it from, and the glass and the lead!!

    So ANY help anyone could give would be much much appreciated!!and I loved doing this and can't wait to do it again!!


    Clare x

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    Hi Clare,

    I highly recommend you check out this website they have all the info you need plus supplies - glass, lead, irons etc

    I have only had a little dabble in soldering to make glass pendants, but you really need a minimum of 80w-100w solder iron (100w preferably). The ones you get from the DIY shops are just not hot enough to melt the lead.

    Creative Glass Guild do starter kits from £82 upwards. They have everything in there that you need to start. I got the 100w kit for Christmas and it did me great. It does work out a little cheaper doing this way, as by the time you have bought the iron and supplies you looking at over £100. They also do courses.

    Hope this helps

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      HI Clare

      I did alot of soldering and totally recomend the site in the post above.

      You can see some of my work on site under the glass section

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