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A cheap(ish) Kiln to begin :)

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  • A cheap(ish) Kiln to begin :)

    Hi folks!

    For a while now I have been looking to buy a kiln to fire metal clay and the like, but was wondering which is the best for a beginner. Funds are limited, so it cant be too expensive! I was looking at the paragon sc2 kiln and also the skutt firebox kiln. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Also, (as I still live at home) my mum is concerned about the temperatures that the kiln reaches. Do they generate a lot of heat in the room? Its just, the room where I make my jewellery is also home to a guinea pig and a tortoise lol!

    Sorry for all the random questions!



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    The amount of heat the kilns throw out really depend on the kiln. I wouldn't recommend the firebox for a first kiln for a few reasons. It isn't programmable so you have to really keep close to the kiln to monitor it and it's top loading so it takes up quite a bit more space than you initial think....also with the door open it will throw out quite a bit of heat.
    I've recommended it before but i'd go for the paragon. It's around the same size as a fact mines on my kitchen counter next to it!..Plus it's good for glass too.
    You can get cheaper kilns that are more specific for metal clay but you might be saving yourself a bit of money in the long run going for a slightly larger kiln like the paragon.
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      hi ya.... how exciting you considering gettin a kiln!!!

      well i have the firebox by skutt and i love it, yes u cant programme it but its not as if you would need it on for hours and hours, when i make my dichroic bits i only use it for 40 mins as it heats up and does all it needs to do in the time..... i got the kiln and advice from .....

      it works for me any ways and doesnt kick out any heat, except for wen i open it to check on the fusing process..... i would recomend it....

      Happy hunting......
      Julies Jewellery


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        I use the Prometheus Pro-1 (which I call a Mini Kiln) for my Art Clay Classes, and enamelling. I also have a Paragon SC2 which I use for my lampwork & glass fusing.

        The Prometheus Pro-1 is cheaper at £299 and is perfect for metal clay. Its a great little Kiln, econmical and just gets warm when its on - not so warm that you cant touch it.

        We sell both kinds - if you have any more questions feel free to drop me a PM

        Emma x


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          Hi, I bought my first kiln last year. Paid £50 on ebay for a real diddy kiln. (I used to put it on top of a breeze block.) However the kiln broke about a month after getting it. It just all shut down and nothing would work. I had such a nightmare getting it returned to the ebay seller. They agreed to replace it for me, but I've never been given so much grief over returning something before. They kept me waiting another month for the replacement... grrrrr

          Anyway - I was kinda already hooked by that time, and went and got myself a Skutt Hotstart kiln from warm-glass. It's programmable which is just ace. I wanted to get a kiln big enough to start slumping plates & bowls in. It cost a bit more than I wanted to spend... but it's ace
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            I'd agree...I've got the firebox, paragon and hotstart and the hotstart is great! You can kind of cheat with it too as the main programmes you'll need, fuse, tac and slump are already programmed in.
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              Hi Joanne, which kiln did you end up getting?
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                Hi, I agree with juliesjewllery as I use the Schutt Firebox from warmglass which is a great little kiln, only down side is you have to be there as there is no controller but it works so quickly and reliably thats a minor issue. It takes up little space and although the instructions say to set it up 18inches away from everything I dont find that necessary - although I wouldn't put it too close to the guinea pig or the tortoise
                Good luck with your choice
                Terry x
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