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  • Some advice please.

    My friend Margaret Mary is into painting Mandalas, and I thought that it would be nice to to engrave one on to a Kilner Jar, for her bath salts, cotton wool balls or whatever.

    But that would be rather plain, so I thought about rubbing a wash of glass paint into some of the engraved frosted areas. Giving them colourful highlights, etc. I was just wondering if that was fesible.

    I found some wonderful ceramic topped, oval shaped glass kilner type jars in my local 99p shop, but they have a design printed on them. I was wondering what can I use to remove this printed design, so that I can embark upon the engraving project.
    Regards from Gareth.

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    Hi Gareth

    You could try scaping the printed design off with a blade, and then removing the residue with Methylated Spirit. I think that would work OK.

    It's certainly feasable to add glass paint to some of the engraved areas.
    If you want it to be more permanent and the item washable, then you will need to use a 'bake in the oven' type.

    You simply paint on, allow 24 hours to dry and bake, as per instructions.

    I've done this on wine glasses which had a spiral groove going up and around them. I glass painted the groove to make them more colourful. After baking I can put them in the dish washer with no problems.

    It's all fairly easy, the knack is not seeing brush strokes. I've used Pebeo Porcelain before, it can be used on glass or ceramic. I found it brushed on easier, and you can wash your paint brush in water rather rather than White Spirit.

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