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  • which kiln?

    I'm fairly new to fusing and have been using my pottery kiln to fire pieces
    I want to do some small jewellery items and am now looking for a suitable small,portable-ish glass kiln on a budget.
    Advise needed please!!
    I've seen a Prometheus Pro1 which would do the job at a cheap price, plus some slightly larger kilns....Paragon firefly and a Skutt firebox 8.
    The firefly does seem like a bargain at £369 but not so portable as the Pro1
    Does anyone have experience of any of these or can offer advise on which to choose?

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    hi...i've got a firebox and I love it...however, for a starter kiln I wouldn't recommend any of the ones you've choosen really. The problem is that none of them are programmable which is really important so you learn temp to fuse, tac, slump and polish....and also so you don't overheat your glass. I've over heated my firebox kiln a few times and nearly burned the house down!
    For a starter kiln, i'd go for a paragon sc2. It's about another £100 than those other but it's a reliable one....i've had mine 4 years now and it's never let me down. I use it several times it is fairly portable.I've got mine next to the microwave...and it's smaller than that!
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