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urgent help please re pebeo vitrea & porcelaine

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  • urgent help please re pebeo vitrea & porcelaine

    hello all, do hope someone can helpI have always baked my efforts in an electric oven, as i was told it had to be done that way. Can the vitrea and porcelaine range be baked in a gas oven?If so , as I have no temperature gauge to know when it is up to temperature, what would happen if the heat is a lot higher, and/or the items baked for longer than the specified electic combi oven microwave has just been broken (door catch) and I have no means of baking my items except a gas oven which has no temp gauge etc..this is urgent as these are christmas presents!!

    i have already posted the identical message in the help forum, but thought i'd also try in this possibly more relevnt area. apoogies for duplication, but i'm desperate, as no one will get their christmas gifts if i cant resolve the matter.


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    Normally if you do it for too long or too hot it can shrivel and/or "pucker up".

    Can you buy a thermometer to go in the oven?
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