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Glass fusing/slumping courses - any in Edinburgh/London?

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  • Glass fusing/slumping courses - any in Edinburgh/London?

    Hello everyone

    I am dead keen to get started on dichroic glassmaking but have had no luck finding workshops/courses in Edinburgh. Any ideas anyone? Would also welcome any similar info as I travel down quite often. Was hoping to find a course in London during week of 17 - 23 Dec as I would be there but no luck. Guess its Christmas and no one's working...

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    Try either the liquidglasscentre or pearsons glass (they've got a place in East Kilbride) both run classes but not that often. Places that offer classes tend to not offer them that often so you might do better searching for one on one tuition....Too be honest though I'd safe the money and get a few books and teach yourself. I did. If you need any help with anything drop me a line.
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