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Which side is better for etching glass mirror?

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  • Which side is better for etching glass mirror?

    I am having someone laser etch a glass mirror for my daughter's wedding. They told me I could etch from the back or the front. If I etch from the back, I can put a colored backdrop to show thru. Which would look better esp if I don't put on a backdrop? It will be 2 doves carrying wedding rings; names and dates. Thanks!

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    If you etch from the front then you will get a slight 'shadow' of the etching reflected by the mirror caused by the thickness of the glass. If you etch from the back you will lose the reflective mirror plating but a colour behind could look nice. It's very hard to know and given that it's for such a special person and such a special occasion I'd provide a small piece of mirror and ask to see small samples of both before choosing.

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      Hi alisaalthaus.
      I recently experimented with a small sand blasting gun. I tried different types of stone then tried it on the front of a mirror. It looked really good and was very easy to do. But I do like your idea of etching from the back and putting a colour there. Good luck with your creation. Steve


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        Wouldn't there be a danger of dirt gettgin trapped in the surface if its etched on the front?


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          I know its been a while since this thread started but i do have some experience with mirrors. From the front side the effect will be much more subtle and depending on the thickness of the glass you will get an edge shadowing from the mirror unless viewed from straight on.
          With back etching you will need some sort of backing either card or painted, my preference is painted.
          Here are examples of both types. UVweb.jpgellie.jpg

          I hope this helps.