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New to glass painting!

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  • New to glass painting!

    Hi everyone.

    I read somewhere that it's ok to use regular acrylic paint on glass. I bought a really cheap glass tealight holder from the supermarket to test on and the paint barely shows up, plus it all rubs off on further coats. I probably sound really dim, but can anyone tell me what I should actually be using please? Any recommendations or advice? I love the idea of painting glass so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Zelda,

    I've done glass painting in the past and I've always used these paints the ones on the left are great if you want to wash whatever you're going to paint, and the ones on the right if you just intend them to be dusted lol. Even with these paints it's quite hard to paint more than one layer though.

    Have fun and be sure to show us what you've painted


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      Aha, thank you glowingsunsets, I think I shall have a go with the Vitrea 160 and experiment on more cheap glass (yay for 29p tea candle holders!)


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        Any decent arts and crafts store (ie, no name but the one that deals with Hobbies and Crafts) will be able to suply paints specifically designed for glass painting.
        There are 2 main types. One is water based & brushes clean in water but needs to be oven baked. The other is solvent based and, whilst it doesn't need oven baking, brushes are much more difficult to clean.
        You will also need outliner. Basically, you outline your design in releif and paint in using the paint itself.