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big ass kilns?

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  • big ass kilns?

    Can anyone recommend a decent kiln....I'm working from home so can't have a barn door sized one but would like to start working bigger...maybe upto about a metre....also how does it work with the power supply etc?
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    Try kilncare in stoke -

    Debbie x

    Contemporary glass fusion designs - sculptures - wall panels - functional items - outdoor sculptures. We also run Silver & Glass workshops here in Cheshire - kiln space also offered.


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      Prometheus Pro-1 Kiln - Perfect for the job

      Prometheus Pro-1 Kiln for Art Clay/PMC, Fusing and Slumping Glass and Enamelling. Prometheus muffle kilns are designed to give you the best service for many years. The Prometheus Pro-1 comes with a very reliable digital controller. In addition the Prometheus Pro-1 uses very little electricity; it consumes less than a simple hair dryer. Thanks to its light weight, bench top compact size, you can easily move the kiln around or even take the kiln to events eg Craft Fairs.
      The Prometheus Pro-1 is a Multi-Functional Kiln for Hobbyists and Professionals alike. Use it for:
      • Enamelling
      • Firing Silver and Gold Clay works, small articles of Ceramics
      • Glass-Fussion, Glass Beads and Glass Moulding
      • Annealing and Hardening of Silver, Gold and other metals

      A peep hole allows you to see what is happening in the kiln during firing. The internal firing chamber is large enough to fire a number of jewellery pieces at a time.
      The Prometheus Pro-1 Kiln can be switched to show the temperature inside the kiln, even when it is not heating, this is very useful when slow cooling is required and also for safety reasons - you know when the kiln is cool enough inside to pop in your next item without risk of injury.
      Technical Specification
      • Volts: 110/220 V
      • Amps: 3.2 A
      • Watts: 700 W
      • Temperature Control: Digital
      • Maximum Temperature: 1000 deg C
      • Outer Dimensions: Width: 22.5 cm x Depth: 22.0 cm x Height: 28.0 cm
      • Inner Dimensions: Width: 11.5 cm x Depth: 13.0 cm x Height: 7.0 cm
      • Weight: 5.7 Kg
      • 1 year guarantee

      Muffle kilns are so called because the contents are protected, or muffled, from the heat source by being placed in an insulated chamber. The door is also lined with the insulating material, with just a small viewing window, thus ensuring even heat distribution. Muffle kilns (sometimes referred to as Jeweller's kilns) are designed specifically for firing precious metal clay, silver, gold and glass. Unlike simple enamelling kilns, muffle kilns require the use of a controller to regulate the precise temperatures required for firing items of this nature. Prometheus kilns, of course, come with an inbuilt digital controller, so further outlay is not necessary in this respect.
      Safety Tips

      An Electric Kiln is as safe as your iron if these basic safety rules are followed:
      • Locate your kiln in a good ventilated, sheltered place
      • Put your kiln on a fire-proof surface, minimum 30 cm away from doors, walls and apart from any curtains or combustible materials
      • Unplug your kiln when not in use or before servicing
      • Do not touch hot surfaces
      • Avoid unsupervised children entering your work-shop/work-area
      • Keep the mains cord away from any hot surfaces
      • Do not touch heating element with anything. This may cause SERIOUS ELECTRIC SHOCK!
      • Do not leave your kiln unattended while firing
      • Wear protective glasses when you look into a hot kiln
      • TURN OFF the kiln before opening the kiln door, when loading or unloading
      • Wear thick work gloves when loading or unloading your kiln
      • Do not fire any material unless know how it behaves at high temperatures (explosion, dangerous fumes etc. can be caused)
      • Do not keep food at your working area (eg drinks, if spilled, can boil exceptionally quickly if coming into contact with the kiln's oven and you could be scalded)


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        Wow bretts_dad, you write like you actually designed and made that kiln yourself!! - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories