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Equipment for fused glass

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  • Equipment for fused glass

    I'm just about to start my fused glass business , and would like to know what equipment I need. I'm used to having access to a huge flat bed & sandblaster equipment etc, but now Im going solo Im not sure what equipment is essential.

    I'm going to buy a kiln, small table top grinder, and dremel, can anyone recommend anything else that I 'need' to get me started - bear in mind I'm working from home so size is abit of an issue! I make fused glass jewellery, tableware, small wallhangings etc.

    Also.... is there any such thing as a smaller flat bed, or small sandblaster??? I do lov'em!

    Is there any equipment you just can't live without?

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    Glass art formed in the heat of the fire, is timeless, and unlike many other forms of art that may succumb to the elements over the decades, deteriorating to a shell of their former glory, heat formed glass art is as beautiful today as the day it was created by the artist, whether that was twenty years ago or two thousand.
    Modern glass art has taken an expansive new turn with the perfection of “warm glass” techniques working with a kiln, and lampwork torches, verses the traditional “hot glass” techniques that are formed in a much hotter furnace.
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