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  • Copper foil tape

    Hello to any copper foil tape users and indeed to anyone who even knows what Im talking about.

    Sometimes when I solder a jump ring to some tape and then pull it it tears the tape.
    Is this just a general hazard or can I do something about it?

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    Hi Seahorse

    Me again!!

    Still not time to make anything but hopefully time to help.

    When you say the tape tears I am assuming that the tape actually comes away from the glass. There are 2 main reason that might cause this.

    1. The tape does not stick very well to the edge unless it is 'roughed up' a bit (but not in a mafia way!!). If you can get hold of a diamond file from B&Q or similar (about the size of a large nail file) then rub this along the edge of the glass until it looks misty (like it's been etched) it should help

    2. The glass was not perfectly clean when the tape was applied. You should always have a bowl of warm soapy water (washing up liquid) near by to wash the pieces and dry then off fully before applying the tape.

    When you apply the tape, you need to press it against the surface. Unfortunately using your finger isn't good enough and the professionals use something called a 'fid'. This is formed from plastic and performs several tasks in stained glass. I guess if you run the handle end of a sturdy plastic knife or something similar over the edges for starters this would do just as well - just use something that won't tear the copper when you run along it.

    Hope this helps

    Sometimes it takes a long long time to find the quickest way!


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      Thanks for the info, good to hear from you again.
      Ive always been a bit wary of the filing glass thingy but if it has to be done, il do it, Il start to use my really fashionable protective glasses.

      I have used the non bristle end of a tootbrush to push tape down but il ask about a fid.

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