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Glass painting patterns?

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  • Glass painting patterns?

    Does anyone know where I can find some good, free glass painting patterns? I'm looking for anything really, celtic, flowers, fairies etc! I just started so I want to get some good practice in!

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    I started by using picks from kids colouring books. Clear basic out lines.
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      Yeah I've had a look at some colouring page websites but I have trouble finding anything that would be simple enough! I've found some tiffany stained glass patterns that have worked well, but my fingers are itching for more!

      I might pop into town tomorrow and have a look in some actual colouring books, I'd actually not thought of that, thankyou!


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        I used colouring books to start with too!

        If you are a card-maker/stamper then you could try stamping a fairly simple image onto paper then tracing that, or even stamp directly onto the glass if you have suitable ink.

        You could also look for simple clipart - I often search google images with "simple xxx" for images I can easily use as robo templates, the first time I did it, it was a bit hopeful but I was pleasantly suprised when google brought up all these simple pictures of what I was looking for!


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          Why not Google on Images for things like :
          glass painting pattern
          glass painting design
          stained glass pattern
          stained glass design

          I found LOTS that way...

          Scorch's Pyrography :
          Crafts on Flickr :


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            Hey all, hope your ok, I have found lots of patterns from tattoo websites too, you can also get lots of pattern books from 'Search Press' most good craft stores stock them, they do all different types of styles, art deco etc.
            Does anyone know anything about copyright laws for patterns?

            Rach x