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    I am hoping that you will be able to help me out.

    My Dad is interested in fusing glass and glass work in general.He has bought a shed today that he is going to turn into a workshop for us both.

    However,he has no real idea of what he needs interms of equipment. He has got a few books and wants to find a kiln.

    So.... is there anyone out there who can give me some idea of the best type of kiln or a good manufacturer?


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    I use a Skutt hotstart pro thing and its great because of the programmer thing on the front.

    Best place to look also a really good glass forum

    Good luck



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      I'd second that. I absolutely love my Hotstart Pro.
      I was a complete beginner when I bought it last year, but I got the hang of it in no time.
      And Warm Glass offer great after service as well. When I thought I had a problem (the week after buying it), someone contacted me immediately and talked me through things (turned out I hadn't quite locked the lid so it wouldn't start. Doh!).
      If your Dad's looking for something that will do more than just a few pieces of jewellery, the shelf is about 30cm diameter, so you can do bowls, plates etc as well.
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        Have a look at different types of kilns and ask your dad what he intends on making as this will help narrow down the choice.
        For example there would be no point in buying a Skutt Hotbox - which I have and adore - if he wants to make large items.
        Kilns are an expensive item so please research thoroughly to avoid mistakes.
        Warmglass is a good start as suggested and excellent service IMO.
        All the best in finding what you want.
        Terry xxx
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          I bought Paragon kiln a year ago and am very pleased with it. I use it for fused glass jewellery only.


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            First things first

            First things first. Find out from an electrician what power you can run out to your shed from your current supply. Most glass kilns don't need as much juice as pottery kilns but it would be better to know what you can go up to (Kw and amps) when you look around.

            For your information we sell Rohde kilns from Germany for both pottery and glass. Give me a ring or send a message through our web site if you want some details.
            Robin - Top Pot Supplies


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              I've got a hotstart pro too, had it about a month and absolutely love it. Although I've worked with lead etc, I was almost a complete beginner with fusing too...

              I feel like I'm cheating in a way, cause the timer does it all for you!
              The only problem so far I have had, is that the programmed tac fuse was too much of a tac! It literally just glued the glass on, and didn't round the edges or melt the glass in at all. Took me ages to work out how to raise the temperature. The instructions aren't as simple as they make them out to be, but luckily my supplier talked me through it, Skutt also helped me through email. So customer service was really good.



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                I am in agreement with what everyone else has said too!!
                I love my Hotstart and find that the space is just about right for the things I want to make.

                I would be careful of what the shed is made from though and make sure there is enough space around the kiln as it does get really warm!!

                I have a massive floor tile on the floor too!!



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                  Skuttle, I did the same thing when I first got my hotstart. I kept getting an error message, and thought I'd got a duff kiln, but it was because I hadn't pulled the handle down! Is that in the instructions? Well if it was I missed it.

                  There's something wrong with my circuit board, they are sending me a new one.