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  • Peel paints/normal paints?

    Hi everyone, I am very new to glass painting. A few days ago I found some peel and stick glass paints and had a go, totally loved it! I want to attempt to make a nice glass design for a friends birthday but I am very confused about all the sorts of paints. I basically want to do the design on plastic so she can peel it off and stick it onto her window. Which paints would be best for this? I have searched in the internet and have just got more and more confused.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


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    I have used various brands of peel and stick paints in the past. I usually put design inside a polypocket(plastic A4 for protecting paper in files) and copy on top with window glass paints. When dry it is easy to peel off design to place on a window. Hope this is of some use. Please contact me if can be of anymore help. Glad you have been enjoying this new interest!
    Best Wishes,


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      This isn't really my area, but to the forum LaFink!
      Love LittleGems x


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        I cant help but aboard anyway. xxx

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          I always liked Gallery Glass Pipe and Peel paints but they have become remarkably difficult to get hold of... I did get some off ebay but the were VERY old and had lost some of their colour.

          Anitas did a pipe and peel which was good but I seem to be having a problem getting hold of that as well at the moment. Rainbow Glass do some (Alan and Barrys CRafts) but I find these just slightly harder to peel off the plastic than other P&P paints.

          Hope this helps
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