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Painting mason jars

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  • Painting mason jars

    Hi hoping if someone can help, I would like to paint some mason jars to make my own tea coffe sugar containers. Does anyone know what paint I should use and how do I get an all over smooth matt finish that has no streaks? I have seen someone selling them on etsy but they are expensive and pretty sure I can paint my own for a much cheaper price. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.



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    i would suspect they have been sprayed. Hung by a wire and sprayed with matt paint. It takes practice and skill to get a smooth finish with no drips or streaks. Try it with a couple of old jam jars, they need to be clean and no finger prints or other grease marks.

    The other method might be dipping, again clean is the key.

    There is a product called mod podge, this can be used as primer, undercoat. Have a look for it and how to use it, it is very popular for this sort of thing.

    Hope this helps.



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      I think you can use acrylic paint, you will obtain wanted result and in some moments better than you expect.


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        I just tried Liquitex acrylics for the first time (reviewed on They feel a little oily but the coverage is good. Before I applied the Liquitex acrylics I put a base color down with regular acrylics. Then I tried some blending in a couple of areas with the open. I added a little water and I was able to blend easier than with regular acrylics. I will continue the base layer with regular acrylics and do some Liquitex experiments as I go.
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