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  • Antiques fair

    Can I recomend going to Antiques fairs if you need ye olde photographs for your scrapbooking projects.
    I went to my local monthly fair yesterday and I managed to find the 'people' sections of 3 stalls that sell old postcards/photos.
    I bought about 6 cards,one of a lady in a gorgeous late edwardian outfit, 2 of a little girl with an umbrella.
    My favourite, which sadly is faded has a little edwardian girl in a starry outfit, a wand and written on it is 'twinkle little star'.

    Do any of you go to antique fairs?

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    I would recommend going to auctions if there are any near to you - they tend to be MUCH cheaper than fairs. The only downside is that you might have to buy in bulk but if you have access to a computer then reselling on ebay is easy. There is a fantastic auction near me which is very cheap (small wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table cost me a pound!!) and they tend to get quieter in the summer as more people go out and about.
    There is an antiques fair next to the auction and I've seen dealers come in, buy things and then put them on their stalls for double the amnount they just paid! So well worth it if you can get to any near you!

    Hope this helps

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      Il have a search for auctions in my area.

      Bought some more cards recently.A gorgeous on of a little baby sitting up on a blanket, all sepia in colour, very tatsteful.i thought I could add some wings made of peacock feathers, easier said than done.

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        Again Ive bought more cards.2 were of the Eiffel Tower in 1914.I was surprised to see it had a Ferris Wheel in the distance, the same size as the one in london.

        Ive had a google but cant find any info on it other than a whell was taken down in 1906.

        I dont expect an eye witness account of seeing the wheel in 1914 but just wondered if anybody knew anything about it?

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