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  • Shiny things like mirrors

    Photographing Mirrors

    There is nothing particularly difficult about photographing a mirror though some basic information is useful.

    Photograph the mirror from an angle, then you won’t be in the photograph. The angle need not be too acute, just sufficient so as you are not reflected in it.

    Place the mirror on the floor but inclined from the vertical, so you don’t see the floor as a reflection or mount on a wall.

    Allow some free space round the mirror, don’t over crop the image either on the camera or with any software you may be using.

    It is better to have something reflected (but not the photographer) in the mirror, it could be a vase of flowers anything really but make sure that it’s not too predominant as you are taking a photograph of the mirror and it’s surround not a vase of flowers.

    If it’s a bathroom mirror, hang it in the bathroom, then the reflection will tell you were it is supposed to be.

    Try to make sure that the lighting is even this will give a better image.

    Make sure the camera focuses on the mirror frame and not the image reflected in the mirror face.

    Above all else make sure that the image is exposed correctly. Without the correct exposure the colours will be washed out or to dense – if in doubt about exposure read my note on exposure from a previous thread.

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