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  • Simple Photography Tips

    I am starting this thread in the hope we can all pool together some simple advice on how to take good images
    My tips are:
    Make sure your image is in focus.
    Take a least three shots using different exposures. Exposure is the key to good results.
    If you don't want to splash out on flashlights try shooting outside for best results.
    Camera angles can drastically alter the appeal of what you shoot so experiment with different angles.
    Try to use photoshop.
    Try to keep some continuity with images so that your website is easy to read.
    Chris W.
    Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts

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    Phptographic Tips

    Hi Chris,
    Good advice particularly regarding focus and exposure, as these are the most visually obvious when an image is viewed. Layout or positioning of the object within the image frame sets more challenges than you would think possible for such a small area.
    Throughout history artists have used the rule of thirds, and to be honest this is easiest way of setting up an image that there is if you want to present your item to it’s best advantage.

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      Lost sales

      I can’t emphasize just how important Chris’s thread is, a poor image will lose you sales!

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