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An idea - Share my tiara making skills?

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  • An idea - Share my tiara making skills?

    Hello everyone, some of you will have seen my earlier posts where I have explained that I am closing my website that sells my hand made tiaras (my three wishes tiaras). Well reading through some earlier posts where fellow crafters have been asking for advice and know how on tiara making etc, it made me think that perhaps i should put together a book on everything you need to know about making tiaras, sourcing materials, finding customers, designing a website and running a business (I'm a qualified book-keeper too).

    At the risk of sounding bonkers, do you think it would be of interest to anyone?


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    I'm not a tiara designer myself Millie but I've just read your other post and the lovely reply you had - sounds to me like you're someone very respected in your line of work so your experience and knowledge should be invaluable to anyone starting up

    My vote would be go for it

    Shaz x
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      I'm not a tiara maker myself either, but if there was a good book, that explained evertything to me, from the basics to how to make more advanced tiaras, where to get all your supplies (possibly a list of sites???), the things you need to make them etc, then I may start, well, attempt to anyway!


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        Oh thats such a fab idea you've got my vote
        Ger xx

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          sounds good to me too.


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            Go for it! What's to stop you?
            You could also run your own workshops too. Good luck with it


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              Absolutely - go for it! I'm making tiaras but still fairly new to it and self taught so I do like to check I'm doing things right - good books are always a great starting point.

              Only thing I'd say is the designs in craft books don't age well and quickly look old fashioned so I'd concentrate on techniques rather than designs (or is that obvious? lol, it's late...)

              Good luck x
              Lorna x

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                I'm not sure if the original poster will see your comments as this thread was started in March 2008

                I do agree though that someone who has been in the industry for a long time would be great to have sharing their knowledge.


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                  I'd be interested x
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                    i would be very intrested, i ahve been asked to make a tiara next year, and if all goes well im am thinking about setting a buisness up with my mum who loves making jewelry.
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                      I think this post was started over a year ago, so I am not sure if the person who posted ever followed through.

                      As an aside. I have been making and selling tiaras now for 12 years I produced a tiara making DVD and launched it earlier this year. You can get a free copy if you wish as part of a promotion for ( just pay a the P&P charge.)