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friends birthday!!!

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  • friends birthday!!!

    right you lovely lot, i need help in finding something unique for my best mates b'day. i havnt a clue what to buy her, but she is also getting married in few weeks. does anyone have anything interesting they would like me to purchase?! I have already previously brought her other things she likes, now i'm stuck!!!!

    thanks !!!!
    Dee x
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    Have a look at these two items!

    I can also design bracelets with whichever materials you would like and I can handcraft bags with embroidery, again to your specification and I can get the item sent to you quickly,

    Kind Regards,



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      hi it was my best
      freinds 50th bday recently i made her a scrapbook she loved it but it take quite a bit of time and luckily we been friends for 20 or more years so had plenty of photos
      Jan xx


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        Not sure about the birthday present? Unless she likes buttons

        But I've just done a lovely wedding commission piece - with one of my framed personalised hearts.
        ~ that image isn't the one I made, but it was similar - in a dark wood box frame. - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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          Oh I dunno Wonder if you could make something of the fact the wedding's so close?

          Does she keep a diary? Maybe a lovely journal she could keep track of her thoughts or things to be done leading up to the big day?

          Or a fun thing - like an IOU where she can cash in some of your time to help her with whatever she wants doing in the run-up!

          shaz x
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            An IOU is a great idea! Or you could get her a chicken doorstop - available in many, many different colours/fabrics! Check out my Etsy store for what I mean!
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