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    Light Tents – what do you expect from them?
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    Good question! I dont know. Despite it being really sunny today, my pictures still turned out dark, so hoping a light tent will eliminate the darkness and the shadows that you get, giving a crisper and more professional background.

    I have seen one on ebay that I might get, but confused about what lighting to use. I heard that you can use a daylight bulb? Can you put this in say a desk lamp? I cant really afford to fork out on proper camera lighting, is there a cheaper alternative?

    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you.
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      Not sure about light tents, but really enjoying your advice on photography Ian. No matter what camera i'm using i don't take good photos at all so am reading and learning, Thanks



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        Light Tents

        Hi Hopej,
        Light tents can be very useful, I have one it’s a 4 foot cube and I occasionally use it. I say occasionally as a lot of the things I photograph are quite soft and subtle and I find that using a harder light gives me better definition. Tents are very good at giving even illumination, which is what they were built for and so the shadows are suppressed but I have found better ways to handle shadows which are more convenient.

        If you are going to use just one light source then it will have to be over the top of the tent and preferably biased to the front slightly so that there will be a tendency to front light. I think it gives a better result if you use two light sources one either side If you are not using flash then it is a most that you use a tripod – There is a simple rule for hand holding cameras. If the camera lens has a focal length of say 60mm then the speed should also be 1/60 of a sec or higher, like wise a lens of 100mm should be used with a speed no less than 1/100/sec.

        What is essential with a light tent is that the light source is stood well back so that the light has enough room to spread over the walls, this will give a more even illumination.

        As for the fact that you are getting dark images – well, I will be covering exposure in my nest note.

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