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Free wooden boxes - creative helpers needed..

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  • Free wooden boxes - creative helpers needed..

    Hi everyone,

    I am soon to add a new range of unfinsihed wooden boxes to my craft shapes website.

    I am just putting this out as an idea to see if anyone would be interested...

    I am looking for crafters who would be keen to decorate some of the boxes and create a simple 'how I made this..' story with photos (or even videos) that I can use to help promote the boxes.

    Why help me?

    1. Well any box you decorate I will supply for free and you can keep the completed box. I only need the images and 'how to' story.

    2. Any of the mini box-decoration projects that I use will be credited to you. I will include your full details and links to your site etc on my website...

    3. As well as great exposure on my site I will also be using the projects in my newsletter, it goes out to hundreds of crafters. Again full credit will be given to you and links to your site.

    I am working some very exciting ideas for promoting crafts and craft work at the moment and I would love to include some of you. I am developing lots of ideas and I'd be more than happy to share any successes with you.

    Like I say at the moment I am just sounding out the idea of these box craft projects and seeing if anyone would like to get involved.

    Either post a reply or PM me if you are tempted and want to know more..

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    Oooh. Just been looking at your site and I loved the little boxes in particular.

    I never say no to the chance to try something new so count me in. It could work both ways. If we produced stuff using your boxes we could credit you in our blurbs... Just thinking out loud... I'll definitely have a box to play with tho', pleeeease. :0)[email protected]/


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      Oooh, I'd be interested too as I've just started experimenting with "napkin" art and am really chuffed with my results so far....!
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        oooh yes please, I would love to decorate one. I have done several of the ones hobbycraft sell.
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          Hi everyone,

          excellent, some good responses so far. Thanks. I'd love to get as many of you involved as I can so please do let me know if you are intersted in decorating a box.

          I am looking at starting with a set of 12 boxes. Your main efforts would be the fun part, to decorate your box(es) in any way you wish. The more creative the better.

          I would do as much of the dull part as I can for you. I would send you a form to fill in that has space for you to quickly describe each step of the process you have used to create your box. You fill that in and take a photo at each stage. There would also be a space for what materials you used.

          It doesn't have to be a fancy long winded description. Just the basics of what you did, what you used and the best photos you can take - the more of those the better.

          I will do the boring work of putting it all together into a finished step by step project.

          You really can decorate your box in any way you like, you can use materials and styles that play to your strengths and show off your talents in any way you wish.

          The way I will use the projects when they are completed is that I will show your project with you as the expert crafter. It can only help in your own marketing to show your skills through my website and newsletter, plus you et links to your website at all stages, we could even have a brief biography of what you do.

          I want to show your work off and get it out to my newsletter and website users, and of course it will also show off the boxes as well. The plan is that we will all benefit over time as we promote ourselves through my website and newsletter.

          I hope that gives you a bit more info on what I am trying to do. Why not give it a go, what have you got to lose? And you can have fun decorating your free boxes along the way, which you get to keep.

          Many thanks everyone.
          Handmade woodcrafts - relaunching soon.
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            yes, yes, yes. This sounds really interesting, I would definately be interested.


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              me too please.................or am I too far away????


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                No, you're not too far away, not at all.
                Handmade woodcrafts - relaunching soon.
                Best range of wooden craft shapes and cutouts.[SIZE=2]


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                  oh goody , goody, something to look forward to!


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                    Oooh ooh
                    I'm tempted I'm tempted
                    Pick me Pick me


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                      I'd like to give it a go too!! A bit of a challenge as I generally make jewellery!!!

                      What do you think?



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                        Wow! what a great idea and oppurtunity! I would love too to join in too please!

                        Took a look at your site, the shapes and boxesare fantastic


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                          if you have any left i wouldn't mind having a go
                          while i knit i think




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                            I'll PM you too as I'd love to get involved. If you aren't already over-subscribed, that is!

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                              Oh yes please!!

                              I've never decorated a box, but I already have ideas just jumping out of my head!!

                              I've already written 2 tutorials for sunbatheintheshade (one already on her website) so have an idea what to do.

                              I'll pm you my details...!!