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Does anybody do well selling on Tuggle

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  • Does anybody do well selling on Tuggle

    Hi all

    Just wondered if anybody sells much on the Tuggle site. I have had my ok to join but i'm not sure whether to splash out on the fee if i'm better staying as I am with ebay.

    Kim x

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    There are lots of posts on here regarding this site. I was told I was no longer welcome with Tuggle for voicing my opinions about the site. All I can say is ' Seller beware' Please don't invest your hard earned money in anything you are unsure of.


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      I suggest you do a search within the forum for Tuggle to see what has already been said

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        Hey Kim, hope your well?
        There have been lots of Tuggle threads recently. Just do a search.

        I actually had a sale today, but it's been quiet for a few months.
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          Thankyou all for that.

          Hi Sam, hope you and the family are well. I had a feeling you sold on Tuggle, glad you had a sale today.

          It just seems a lot for me to part with bearing in mind I'd probably have to sell 10 items to get my money back before any profit starts.

          I'm off to do the Tuggle search now, I haven't been on here for a while so I'll catch up on what i've been missing.

          Kim x