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  • Feeling Low!

    Why don't i have any confidence?
    (now that is a question i have asked my self all my life)

    Everyone says how lovely all my goods are, but i still don't see it!
    When i try to get into craft fairs my heart sinks, one reason is because i make cards and jewellery, and as soon as i say that i can hear the groans.
    i know its common, so how can i sell myself to people better?

    i have just completed a bead making course and i loved it, and I'm all set up to start making my own, but now i am at home I'm terrified
    What is wrong with me!

    sorry to go on, but family is asleep, and thay would just look at me blankly anyway.

    Sarah Simmonite.

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    GRrrrrrrrrrrrr so annoyed!

    just spent ages trying to write you some sort of hopefully useful answer, only to have it disappear!

    Unfortunately I now have to go out, in about 2 mins, so can't write it all again now!

    Chin up, and put on a big smile, and make yoursel feel better1

    And big virtual hugs from me to try and heer you up!


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      I don't know if I can say anything that will make you feel better as I suffer the same problems!
      However, I would say that for me, the biggest boost to my confidence is to hear positive comments about my work, and the biggest high comes when someone actually buys something! Get some pictures onto ! Once I'd put a few pics on and got some votes and nice comments I started to feel better about myself.

      I know it's hard but you have to start believing in yourself and your work. The fact that you are trying craft fairs out says that you have some confidence. I only sell on-line because the thought of approaching people in the real world terrifies me! I've yet to overcome that hurdle!

      I don't make jewelry (not to sell anyway) but I know it's very competitive. There are lots of beaders and jewelry makers here on the forum who may be able to offer some advice about the actual selling side of things.

      Believe in yourself and think positive! You can do it!
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        Hi there - don't get disheartened. I know it is difficult with craft fairs when you do jewellery or cards, the best thing to do is make a note of ones you want to do and make sure you get your booking in early. It isn't the crafts that people object to, it is the fact that there are a lot of people doing them and they have probably already alloted as many slots as they can to those crafts. I do cards and I would not want to be at a fair where there was nothing but card producers. I am running a fair in the summer and the first slots booked were for jewellery, fortunately although three people have booked they are all doing different types of jewellery.

        If people say your work is good then I am sure it is and you must have confidence in what you do. I am always surprised that people are so delighted with my work. There are other ways of marketing your work and sometimes craft fairs can be a mixed blessing, you have the cost of the stall and you have to cover that and more before you make a profit, although it is also a good way of advertising.

        Get your thinking socks on and think of other ways to market your work - ask some of those friends who say your work is good what they think you could do - and then also keep an eye on craft fairs and get your booking in quickly.

        Keep smiling.


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          Have a go!!

          Hi, I know what you mean!! I walked past a shop, back and forth, back and forth, and eventually went in and asked if they would be interested in my cards. Some were, some wern't ( for positive reasons) but EVERYONE was really nice about it so give it a try!! When I look back to when I first started, about 2 years ago, I am amazed that people liked the cards as with practice they are so much better now. I am doing my first Craft Fair in April and am just looking at it as a fun day out. If I sell any that will be the icing on the cake.One nice lady in a card shop told me that my cards were lovely and maybe too good for the average person who rushes in and picks anything up. She said Craft outlets would be the best places to try.
          All I can say is - have faith in yourself. Give it a go, what have you got to lose? You'll never know unless you try!!!!! Good luck!! Sue. xx


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            If you love doing it and have had good comments so far go for it! Try not to give too much time to self-doubts (which I reckon 99% of crafters have about their own work to begin with) - its better to spend the time thinking about where & how you will promote & sell your products - and the best bit of all: enjoy making them


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              Hopefully now you don't feel so alone. I think most of us are have some self doubt along the way. I have been listening to positive thinking tape to try to curb my doubts. It does help, alot, even though a lot of them are very "americanised" which means that being enthusiastic is encouraged, not frowned upon. But, I think we are all suffering from a market that is overloaded with cheap "hand mades" from 3rd world sweat shops and folk who pass off bought in stuff as hand made by them.

              I think too, as someone who has knitted and crocheted since they were about 10 I still find it hard to accept that some folk consider both to be black arts! I am always thrilled when someone likes my work or asks for me to make them a commission, I still don't believe it most of the time and I do get a lot of support form my family, especially hubby. What I would say tho is keep believing in yourself, and keep enjoying doing your stuff.
              Think positive, and when doubts creep in blow them away and think of something else, you have to work hard at this but it does pay off.

              Take care and good luck.



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                You sound so very sad!

                Hmmmmmm, if you have enjoyed making your cards and jewelry, does it matter what others think??

                Sometimes we get a bit carried away with making what "will sell" and don`t actually stick to making the things we admire and feel as though we have "done a good job" on. This then leads to a feeling of low confidence because we don`t feel satisfied with the job we have done.

                It sounds as though you have made some lovely things already and have received many genuinely appreciative comments. Try not to forget that!

                Take Care,



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                  Hi there,

                  I know exactly what you mean. I do jewellery too! (of course). I started making it about 3 years ago and didnt have the confidence to go out and sell. Last year I tried to get into a number of craft fairs and couldn't get in as there was already "too many jewellery stalls"!! This year after joining this forum I have attacked the whole thing again with a more positive attitude and have managed to secure a number of places at craft fairs. Don't get me wrong, 1 bad comment or knock back sends me right back to where I started but I enjoy making it too much to give up and I need to sell some to be able to afford to continue.

                  Problem is (especially for people like me who has little confidence) Sales is all about putting yourself out there and that means you will get a number of knock backs along the way. It's hard not to take it personally but these people dont know you personally and many have not even seen your work. As someone has already said, watch out for craft fairs and get in early (trawl the internet for hours) and keep at it. Once you get into the fairs a whole new dilemma may arise - I did 2 last week and only sold 6 items, 3 of which were friends and family!!!!

                  Build your confidence by posting piccies and realise your self worth. (I havent had the confidence to do either of these last 2 yet!!!). But I know it's good advice that I should be taking too!!!!

                  Maybe we should keep in touch and share experiences, the other thing that I have found is that coming on here I know that I'm not alone!!



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                    I suffer terribly with a lack of confidence due to my ex-husband but thats another story !!
                    Then when i had got over that i got some really nasty comments from someone last year and i really felt like giving up what i make but then i started my blog !! Since then i have found some great friends and my work has grown and i have got so much from it all !!

                    This time last year i would never have joined a forum and look here i am .
                    You could try selling your things on etsy !
                    Its a good way to start selling and you dont have to face people to do it

                    Good luck with it all

                    Sara x
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                    my folksy shop


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                      Well Tsarvo - what a lot of good advice. I am sure now you know that all of us suffer at some time or other with self-doubt and I agree with SusieQ about being amazed that people liked our work when we started, when we can now see the improvement as we have been working on our craft.

                      Onward and upward.


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                        I can add nothing that hasn't already been said. In my darkest hours I feel the same, but then I figure everyone here has been in the same boat and it's just one more thing we have to deal with - like kids, cats and the Tax man.

                        My main inspiration when I'm feeling like this is a poem I found in the Oxford Book of Quotations, apparently Anon, scrawled on a Scottish Church:

                        Tender hearted grab a nettle
                        It stings you for your pains;
                        Grasp it like a man of mettle
                        It soft as silk remains.

                        It's my mantra when I am procrastinating or start thinking I am am not good enough before even trying.

                        Reading what CreativeClaire wrote, why not take it a step further. Get a small book, like children use on last day of school for signatures, and when you show people your designs, ask them to write a comment (or jot it down yourself later). That way you can read them when you are feeling down ((((hugs))))
                        ~ Impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion. ~


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                          Big thanks

                          BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE.

                          you have all made me feel a lot better.

                          i might even sort out everyones tea and then put my
                          HOT HEAD on and try and make some beads.

                          i will keep your all posted.

                          Sarah Simmonite.


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                            Well, I'd just go for it!! Life is too short and you don't want to be thinking in a few years, oh I wish I'd tried that!!

                            Get on Craft Juice - its really easy to post item, then come on here and tell us you've added something and then we vote!! 5 gets you on the front page!

                            And when you have 25 posts you can add links (like to Craft Juice) and also any pics if you have them on Flickr (again free and really easy to use!)

                            The world is your oyster - go for it!!!! Only you can do it!!!

                            And we are all here to help if you get stuck with anything!!


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                              Hi another jewellery maker here. I am very lucky to have supportive friends who were the first to buy from me and encourage me in what I do. Also I have a sales background so do not worry about putting myself or my work forward. what's the worst that can happen? Lighteneing won't strike. How about a jewellery party for friends and family to help boost your confidence? Don't be too hard on yourself and take small steps towards where you want to end up.
                              Lots of luck.