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What blog software do you use????

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  • What blog software do you use????

    Hello everyone...

    ...I was wondering which blog software you recommend. I see that lots of members have them, and I think it is about time I set one up. But there are so many about that I am not sure which to use?

    I want a simple design, and for comments to be listed below posts. Not much to ask I would've thought?

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi Steve!

    I'm new to blogging as well and I use Blogger. So far have found it easy to use and set up. I know quite a few people on here use it too.

    Feel free to have a look at my blog to get an idea

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      I use blogger, which is completely free, and I find it really easy to use. Go to it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. You then just click add post when you want to write another blog. Your web address would be I'm afraid I can't tell you where the comments go, I haven't had a comment yet, actually, I don't think anyone has looked at my blog yet, ah well. If you want to have a look at my blog, there is a link in my signature. HTH.


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        I use blogger for my personal blog and word press for Cuteable. Blogger is very easy to use and quite intuitive whereas word press was harder for me to figure out.
        I can't tell you any of the technical differences between the two really other than blogger being easier to figure out.
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          Well I don't blog.........not yet anyway!!
          have had a look at yours caz........... cute doggie, and Im sure your nans will be delighted!


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            I use blogger too and it was so easy to set up (and for me to say that, its definitely true!) - in fact I stumbled across it whilst I was trying to see how to do something entirely different and suddenly, it was done and I had a blog! And you can learn loads from looking at other people's Blogs and even get access to certain gadgets from their Blogs too (like these Statcounter things and Live Traffic Feed reports etc)

            After a bit of head scratching, I managed to get a flickr slideshow working too, that was the only thing that was a bit of a puzzler

            And its free so thats just a bonus

            ...and Caz, I had a look at your Blog earlier on! Sorry, didnt add a comment yet, will do though

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              I use blogger too. Dead simple for a dead simple person - me that it :0)
              much better than that I have found Crafty Blog School. Click on the link to a fantastic blog which takes you through all the basics step by step. It compares the different blog providers, explains how to create banners, etc. It's brill! Only wish I'd found it sooner.
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                i use blogger but if i had the choice again, i'd go for typepad
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                  I use blogger too and I've found it really easy to use, still finding my way around attracting traffic and still messing around with design etc. but early days.....
                  Just go for it and try it out....


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                    Thanks everyone...

                    Thanks for all your sugestions. I ahve had a look through the main three, typepad, blogger and wordpress.

                    Blogger looks simplest, followed by typepad and wordpress. I really like the look of typepad as I would like to host the blog myself and have my webname as the name of the blog, but typically these extra services cost!!

                    Wordpress looks a good option too as you can host it but it does look a little more complicated to do it that way. Swirlyarts do you use the wordpress hosting package or do you host it yourself? I must say that your blog cuteable is absolutely excellent, pretty much the kind of thing I want to do myself (different content of course!).

                    Also the crafty blog school blog was excellent too, so many thanks for that.

                    Still not decided but wordpress may be the way to go for my needs! I think!!

                    Thanks everyone.
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