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    I am totally new at posting to crafts forum. I really need some pearls of wisdom from someone who owns or has used a die cutter....
    I am definetly a textile crafter, knitting sewing and crocheting are my go to crafts but I've recently got into making soap making. I've always been interested in homemade soap so thought I'd give it a go.

    Now I am wanting to wrap them, they are round (I have to be awkward I know!) and for the life of me I can't find anything pre made that will work, coffee filters are too big, tissue paper circles are too thin... So I'm wondering if I were to purchase a die cutter (or find someone with one) would I be able to cut out a relatively large amount of circles in a short amount of time, out of thin paper or waxed paper. For now I would only need a few so cutting them out one by one isn't an issue. Can a die cutter cut through several sheets of paper at once? How many roughly.

    I'm totally clueless. Please help.

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    I am a die cutter and have a couple of machines. I have been doing it for a few years now.

    Yes you can cut a simple shape like a circle using a die cutting machine from thin paper or wax paper doing more than one at a time. You can probably cut 4 or 5 in one pass. If you invest in "Mixed media" or Deep dish" die you may be able to do up to 10 at once depending on what you cut and which machine you use.

    How big do you need the circles? I don't know of any die cutting machines that can do more than approx 8in diameter. I have a die that can cut approx 7 and half inch diameter.

    Also how many is a relatively large amount? You could easily do 100 in an hour or 2 depending on machine, die, paper thickness etc. It takes 18 seconds to pass through the machine so you can see it wouldn't be a problem ( for my machine, others differ)

    If you are planning on doing this a lot then buy a machine ( it would need to be a lot as you will need to spend about £150.00) I would recommend the one I have as it will do what you want. It is a Gemini, the A4 model. It is electronic and makes it easy to do this sort of numbers.

    Hope this is of help and if you have any more questions just ask, always happy to help.



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      I just found this

      Its pre cut 12" circles of parchment for baking. Any good?



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        Thank you. Another one of my criteria is the paper needs to be either biodegradable or recyclable... These would be ideal as you can get them in different sizes, I said I was awkward.

        I suppose I like the idea of being able to use pretty patterned papers too if I were to die cut them. I will need 2 sizes one being 4" and another larger one of 7"

        Your information on die cutting is invaluable. It's hard to know limitations.

        It seems like quite an investment, definetly not something I could afford straight off the bat and also quite expensive (for packaging) if I were to pay for the service.

        *edited post to remove unsuitable content :-)

        My mind is running wild
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          Hi, hopefully lots of solutions to this one but please, no mention of figures or amounts etc as it will start to look like a request for a service which we do not allow on the forum.

          Dave, moderator.


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            I am glad to have helped. Yes it would be an quite an outlay.

            I would do some more searching on line for your particular requirements. I really think that you will find something that will suit. You just need to keep looking. I found the bakers parchment with one 30 second search.

            Even though the information has been removed I can guess what you were after. I personally would not be interested in doing this. I don't have the time or inclination to do something like this, and payment would not cover the wear and tear on my machine.

            It might be worth searching other sites or FB for someone who would be prepared to do this.

            You can also buy a tool for cutting just circles this may be more suitable.

            Like this -

            I hope you find something suitable.


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              Have you tried a google search “Wrapping for circular soaps”?
              I’d have thought that with a decent pair of scissors you could cut through more than 5, probably almost ten paper rounds of very thin paper in one go in no time at all so 100 wouldn’t take that long and if they are for wrapping they don‘t have to be absolutely perfectly spot on, a few sites show you how to wrap with pleats etc.



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                what about using fabric offcuts cut into circles with pinking shears? I had some soaps given to me (not in this country) with this type of wrapping (the fabric was various colours of gingham tied with bits of raffia) and loved them - I used the fabric as cleaning cloths in the bathroom after opening and thought it was all very clever.


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                  I have done a lot of searching online for suitable things, tried a few things out too, as they have to be such a particular size too big and they are hard to finish without a big lump in the middle to small and there is a gap.

                  I have previously tried circle cutters with a blade total waste of time after only a few uses started ripping the paper and you cant cut more than one at a time. Scissors is an option.... the cheapest by far.

                  Fabric off cuts is a lovely idea, i'm up for trying that :-)

                  Thanks everyone