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  • Wow, wow, and Wow again

    Well i have just joined the site today and have been having a look at some of the work done by members of the forum and i have to say the standard of some of the work i have seen has made me feel a little inadequate, i am going to be worried now about posting pictures of my own stuff as i know i still have a lot to learn

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    Don't be put off by what you see Andy, as Caroline said, we are all at different levels in different crafts. I am most definitely an amateur in all respects but some of our members do their craft as a business either full or part time, some have been "practising" for years, some are fairly new to the craft world, and some like me like to dabble in all sorts of crafty areas (jack of all trades, master of none, but does give an insight to the amount of skill that goes into the quality items). I also enjoy seeing people progress through crafts as they learn and expand their skills and experience.

    Also, to reiterate Caroline, from what I have seen of your work it is of a very high quality and you have no need to feel inadequate; keep posting the pictures



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      Never give it a second thought Andy, we all have our niches in what we produce. As Linda says, some of us do many crafts, some of us only one, some as a business, some as a hobby, all skill levels here and we love to see them all. Your work is of a high standard but even if you were just starting out, we are always very supportive and always encourage members to show their work regardless.



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        Well thank you for all the supportive words, i can suffer from a lack of confidence sometimes and it is nice to know that this is not one of those forums that put people down who might not yet be masters of their crafts. I shall certainly be sticking around and promise to post some more pics of some of my work. Take care all.


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          Hi Andy, as the others have said, some do their crafts as a business and some for pleasure and yes we are all at different levels in what we do, i've been making cards for years and don't seem to get any better at it, but i enjoy doing it, though i have to say its cost me a small fortune over the years
          All i can say is *do what makes you happy* cos thats all that counts.
          Mandy x