R.e. Whats the best way to transfer nail holographic foil on to paper?
Hi all,
I just wanted to know whats the best clear way possible to transfer the nail holographic foil onto paper.
The item that I an referring to is the following: (attached)
The finish I am looking for when transferred onto paper has to be clear, I know I need something adhesive, but does anyone know whats the best possible way I can do this please?
I would also like to use this on a full background colour, so for example I have a blue nail foil sheet, after applying that, will I be able to overlay the patterned version above directly on top of it?
The paper I would like to use is photograph paper, the clear shiny type that is used for printing photos onto.
I have tried a thin layer of pritt sick, but the glue residue sadly stays behind (although the actual process of transferring this onto the paper does work), whereas I would like there to be no residue at all after the process.
If anyone can kindly suggest/walk me through a good alternative, in which you have proceeded with this type of process before, please do let me know, and any online purchase sites on either very good clear unnoticeable adhesive/finish/glue, thats good for the paper above, would also be fantastic.
Thank you