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    Hi I see a lot of advertisements for new die cuts and an curious how some cards etc are made? I've attached a picture of a half and half card and also the die cut I have bough, I am unsure of how to do this effect? Any help appreciated xScreenshot_20190411-141808_eBay.jpg

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    I have this die and it does not cut the card half and half. It cuts the bubbles out completely. To get that effect you have to cut the bubbles on the edge of the card and then reattach it.

    If you look very carefully at the picture of the bubbles against the red card you will see it is cut along the edge where it joins the body of the card, the red card underneath is supposed to be there to attach the bubbles to.

    In my opinion you shouldn't be able to see this join and the bubbles should be the same size as the card.

    Its a really fun die and I have made several cards with it, not using it on the edge but in different ways. I have posted some on my FB page, link at the bottom of this post.

    Have fun